Ageing Oven

FEC Ageing Oven that are ideal for performing long-term high-temperature air or oil aging tests. Fabricated from quality material of construction, these ovens are widely used in Cable & PVC wire Industries Educational Institute / Research Lab., Rubber Industries
• Precise double wall (for cable & PVC wire Testing)
• Better mineral/ceramic blanket insulation keep the surface of the equipment normal & avoid loss of heat
• Silent pump/blower for distribution of heat in cylindrical pipe
• Unique lid having hook arrangement for cable/PVC provided
• Aluminium cylindrical pipe is fitted in the oven wounded/wrapped with best quality strip type heater to give better result & uniform heat through out the chamber
• Full feature with digital temperature controller cum indicator with time totalizer
• Rotameter is fitted on the front of the Panel with valve having control knob
• Best quality Bi-metallic thermostat is also fitted for the safety (on customer request)

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