Button Pull Out Tester Motorised Digital

FEC offering the motorized Digital and Analogue Hand operated Button Snap Pull Tester Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. Used to determine holding strength between button/snap and fabrics/garments, our Button Snap Pull Tester is supplied with self-calibration weight of 5.0 Kg. Fabricated with imported push pull gauge of ‘IMADA’ Japan, Button Snap Pull Tester can measure up to 25 mm dia. Button. Our Button Snap Pull Tester is designed with Dial Gauge that displays the result in Kg. Also, Button Snap Pull Tester is provided with a Lower Grasp Button Accessories Kit.
Technical Specification :
Capacity 30 kg with least count of 250gms
3 Nos. of Grips supplied for all types of button/snaps
All grips are made of Stainless Steel
GRIP-1 : Three Pronged Grip for testing four-hole buttons and jeans buttons
GRIP-2 : Upper Universal Grip for testing female part of snap & male part of Stud
GRIP-3 : Upper Stud Grip for testing male part of baby snaps

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