De-Matia Tester

We provide flex tester that is widely used in the rubber industry. Rubber needs to be checked if it can withstand continuous flexing without developing cracks, especially for products that are subjected to repeat flexing. For this the process of flexing is faked in the laboratory under standard conditions in terms of speed, mode, and degree of flexing, with the help of our De - Mattie Flex Tester.
De-Mattia Flex Tester comprise of a set of grips that can easily hold the test specimens in two tiers. One end of the test specimens is held in a fixed grip and the other end in a reciprocating grip in order to reciprocate the flexing and un flexing actions. It is provided with two fixed grips and one large reciprocating grip that are placed between them so that half of the test
specimens is flexed and the other half is un flexed at the same time. An eccentric and linkage mechanism driven by an electric motor through V-belt and pulleys is used to generate reciprocating motion. The counter indicates the number of test cycles completed. We also provide Molding dies, jig and punch assembly and other accessories.

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