Environmetal Chamber

Environmental chamber are used to simulate the desired environmental such as Cold, Humidity, altiude, thermal shock, solar radiation, salt spray, rain spray, dust & sand etc. as per the customers requirement. These chambers are available in different ranges of parameters and capacities as per specific testing requirements of the cutomer. These chambers can be integrated with. A walk-in variant is also available for products that require very large capacity & size such as complete automobile, bike, missiles, telecom industry, electronics test laboratory and etc. The chamber feature various safety interlocks that are necessary to provide a safe environmental of operation. We are incorporating the best engineering practices to develop a chamber that is capable of performing all types of versatile testing as per international standards for a long life of performance. The design is very good and simple from maintenance point of view. The chamber controller is very user friendly and as the requirement of the customer it can be upgraded to a latest touch screen panel type as well. The controller is capable of remote operation and monitoring as well. It can be easily be integrated with any computer to download / upload test profile or data using high speed communication RS 232/485, Ethemet and USB ports. The features of data recording, monitoring and report generation are use also available

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