Filter R.V.Spring CompressionTesterer

 This equipment made according to National and International Standard Test Method
 Complete micro processor chip based
 One set of fixture will be provide with machine
 Optional Gripping Fixture : Paper Gripping fixture, Spring Compression, Rubber Gripping, Universal vice type, Button Pull Fixture, yarn Gripping Fixture
 Peak hold Facility : when sample will be brake maximum load will be keep in Peak hold
 Elongation : digitally or scale is optional
 This Equipment very compact and maintenance free Coated
 Invertor operated : if power is failure you can test the sample
 Motorized operated up and down
 Safety switch both side : machine will be stop automatically  Over Limit protection : Desired set the over limit after that machine will be stop automatic
 Electric Consumption maximum only 100 Watt 230 Volt maximum you can operate with inverter if power failure
 Structure made from G.I Sheet duly Epoxy coated
 This equipment multipurpose use Like Universal Testing Machine
 Maximum Load Capacity 100 Kg
 Maximum length for testing 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm
 This equipment is designed as very easy to use and operate

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