Flammability Chamber

Horizontal Flammability Tester is applicable to access the flammability performance of textiles by determining the flame spreading speed in the horizontal direction flammability tester fabric horizontal flammability tester, plastic, rubber parts and other toy horizontal flammability tester, horizontal flammability testing machine.
Time range 0-999.9s
Time resolution 0.1s
Temperature range 0-99degree
Ignition time 15s
Inner diameter of burner head 9.5mm
Flame height 38mm+/-2
Weight 24kg Approx.
 Chamber made from Stainless Steel / G.I.duly epoxy coated
 Control panel separate with timer
 Fixture made from S.S grade
 Universal fixture
 Adjustable fixture for test the sample 45, 60 degree, horizontal and Vertical direction

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