Laundro Meter

Our latest improved model for Color fastness
The Laundro meter is used for determining color fastness of textile and other material to washing. mechanical agitating a specimen of textile in contact with pieces of specified adjacent fabric in a soap-soda solution, before being rinsed and dried. the change in color of the specimen and staining of the adjacent fabric are assessed with standard gray scales.
Ref. Standard : BS ISO 51703:1999 and BS EN ISO 15702:200
Specifcication :
 Determines loss of colors after regular washing.
 Rugged type ergonomic design.
 Suitable for samples of yarn fabric & Leather.
 Highly versatile with option 8 to 16 jar available.
 Suitable for cotton, wool, silk, linen, viscose, acetate, polyamide, Leather and polyester.
 Designed to meet ISO, BS or AATCC specifications.
 Accurate temperature control and hold over capability
 Temperature ambient to 98 Degree Centigrade.
 Insulated water tank with Jar
 Minimum power consumption
 Digital electronic Temperature Indicator cum controller allow for easy readability
 Durable Stainless steel interiors aid in maintain temperature and makes easy cleaning
 Inner chamber made from 304 Grade Steel
 Outer Chamber made from S.S 304 Grade and G.I Epoxy coated.

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