Light Fastness

Ref. Standard As per national and International Standard : BS 1006, ISO 105, IS 2454
The FEC MBTL Light fastness tester is used for determining color fastness and ageing to against light, weather resistance, compound color fastness to sunlight-sweat of colored textile, leather, plastic, by setting various parameters of irradiance, temperature, humidity, spray to simulate natural condition in lab. Dimension: 390 mm x 370 mm x 550 mm
Light Fastness Tester to evaluate color Fastness against Sunlight. 500 watts air cooled MBTL Fading Lamp
The Unit is Supplied with 3 Noses Type A Water Cooled Rectangular specimen Holders .
Type C Cylindrical specimen holders, control fluid filler, plastic tubing S Steel clamps, Special Stainless Steel Water Circulation Unit.
The Unit is supplied with 500 Watts MBTL Bulb with water-cool technology

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