Martindale Abbrasive tester

FEC The reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of precisely designed Martindale Abrasion Tester. It is used for testing and determining the pilling and abrasion resistance of different fabrics, which includes non-woven, woven, coated and knitted fabric. Our Martindale Abrasion Tester is specifically designed to subject the specimen under controlled rubbing, at low pressures and in continuously changing direction. The test is conducted to access the resistance level of fabrics to abrasion, which is determined through the loss in mass of specimen or by number of rubs to break a yarn.
Features : Excellent Testing Results
Optional Extra PC Connect Interface
Automatically Replace Nozzle
Be able to preset tensile force
Continuous Measuring Mode
Adopt microcomputer command scheme
Completely self-acting Electronic lone
Exceptional conceived pneumatic clamp can satisfy the obligations of diverse kinds of check materials.
Technical Specification : No. of Heads : 4
Working Pressure on test specimen : 3 KPA, 6KPA, 9KPA and 12 KPA (4 Nos each)
Exposed area of Test Specimen : 6.45 cm2
Maximum Available Pressure : 12 KPA (790 gms)
Rotational speed of Outer peg : 48 ± 2 RPM
Drive (Speed) ratio of Outer and Inner peg : 32 : 34
Total Stroke of Outer and Inner Peg : 24 mm for Pilling 60 mm for Abrasion
Power Supply : 230 V AC 50 Hz.
Power Consumption : 0.2 KWH
Related Standards : ISO 5470, BS 3424, 5690, JIS L 1096, ASTM 4966 / 4970-99, DIN 53863, 53865, SFS 4328

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