Ozone Chamber

Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D1149, Iso 1431 & JIS K6259 standards. Providing precise and accurate ozone (O3) concentration environment for rubber and polymer test.
Widely applied to
(1) Accelerated ageing research
(2) Quality control and assurance test and
(3) R&D laboratory formula experiments for cracking resistance
Wide ranges of ozone concentration (normal 20-250 pphm; or according to customer's request) can satisfy user's different requirements. The real ozone concentration is controlled and measured accurately by means of precise detecting system.
Excellent system control: (1) Maintaining rapid resumption of O3 concentration during continuous circulation Economy and efficiency: (2) Full automatic test after simple settings.
The test chamber is useful for an accurate assessment of the rubber;
generally in accordance with the test methods given in ASTMD 1149; D1171; D3395;
ISO Standard 1431l/ll/Hl and IS 3400 Part 20.
Features :
Ozone Generator: UV lamp ozone generation system gives highly stable output under constant flow and temperature at set value.
Closed loop ozonised air circulation with the option to exhaust oznized air out of the camber; if required.

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