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We are on of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Digital PH Meter which is developed using optimum quality raw material like plastic products, PVC, UHM, brass stainless steel, haste-alloy, mild steel and carbon steel. Our digital pH meters are available in two models (Model-151 and Model-152) and are used to measure acidity or alkalinity of solution. These are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, sugar, food, cosmetics, plating, water conditioning and waste water treatment industries where pH monitoring is required.
Accurate measurement
Easy to operate
Technical Specifications: Instrument Type Deluxe pH Meter MODEL # 151-R Digital pH Meter MODEL # 152 - R
Measurement PH & ORP
Display 31/2 Digit LED 31/2 Digit LED
Range Resolution 0 -14.00 pH 0 ± 1999 mv
0.01 pH, 1mV
0 -14.00 pH 0 + 1999 mv
0.01 pH, 1mV
Accuracy + 0.01 pH, + 1mV ±0.01 pH,±1mV
Temperature Compensation Auto + Manual 0to100°C Manual 0to100°C
Slope Control 80 to 120% 80 to 120%
Recorder Output 0to10mV/pH Adjustable 0to10mV/pH Adjustable
Power Requirement 220 VAC +10% 50 Hz 220 VAC ±10% 50 Hz

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