Salt Spray Chamber (Economy Model)

The FEC Salt spray chamber Tester has been designed strictly as per the relevant standard to assess the ability of rust proofed components to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions.
Double walled. (Stainless Steel 316 Inside & Outside G.I.Duly Power Coated)
Specially designed inert material atomizers of standard orifice produce the salt spray with air from a motorized compressor of suitable capacity. The air pressure for spraying and agitation of salt solution can be adjusted by means of precision control valves. A separate control panel fitted with all electrical, pressure gauges, temps. Indicator, hour meter etc. has been provided for easy operation of the equipment.
Work Space Rectangular Inside Size : 900x750x600 mm.
Temperature Range Ambient to 60 degree Celsius. Temp. Requirement 35±20C
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1 degree Celsius.
Temperature Control Solid State Digital Programmable Temperature Controller cum Indicator
Material Stainless Steel Main body Grade 316 Inside & Outside G.I. Power coated with transparent lid (toughened Glass) to observe sample under test.
Air Regulator 0 to 30 psi is provided.
Pressure Gauge A calibrated pressure gauge is provided for measuring intel air pressure.
Atomizer A state of the art zero choke inert material atomizer is provided for reliable atomizing.
Solution Storage A temperature controlled non- corrosive storage tank for solution storage is provided with immersion heater fitted in it.
Panel A separate user friendly panel is provided with the following controls :
o Solid State Digital Programmable Temperature indicator cum controllers with auto- cut off facility for the main chamber and the reservoir.
o Digital Preset Timer with Memory backup and automatic shut off after pre- set duration for setting test duration up to 999 Hrs.
o Imported Hour meter for recording total (cumulative) hours of chamber run since installation / difference time log.
o Light indicating ON/OFF Mains..
o Mounted Pressure gauge, Regulator valve and air filter.

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