UTM – Universal Testing Machine

 Complete computer controlled: The whole measuring and controlling system adopts specific PC control card used for testing machines, realizing the data zero and plus adjustment, which has very high reliability.
 Supporting –transducers
 Capacity As per Customer Requirement 10,20,30,40,60, & 100 Tonn,
 Realizing the database management of the test data which are stored according to the standard format; facilitating other software to analyze and transfer.
 Perfect programming by auto program control, every control mode can smoothly shift to another one. Fulfilling the test requirement of all kinds of materials with every test standard home and abroad.
 Control software has the auto-adjusting function of test hardness, which assures that the system works with every kind of specimen hardness.
 Perfect graphic function realizing the arbitrarily magnifying, decreasing, equaling, adding, indicative display and print of all kinds of test curves, the test point searching as well as the simultaneous display and print of several kinds of test curves. Data processing supposes self-disposing and input disposing of graphic human computer interaction, which facilitates the check and contrast of the test result.
 The user can self -define the output of the test report, which makes the report format have very high flexibility.
 Modularization design facilitates the software upgrading, function spreading as well as the development.
 All the crucial parts were processed by our own processing center

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