Water Spray & Rain Test Chamber

Water Rain Test Chamber
Water / Rain Spray Chamber :
Description :
The updated model of Water / Rain Spray Chamber specially designed to determie suitability of electronic and electrical components driving under rain conditions.
Chamber :
The chamber will be provided with a cylinder in the centre with 8 nos. of sockets, which will be connected to the nozzle. The cylinder will be fed through a suitable pump to create the sufficient pressure with by-pass valve and the main valves will control the pressure in the cylinder which inturn control the pressure at the nozzle tips. All the connections will be provided with compression fitting for leakproofness. The same water will be recirculated.
Water Spray Nozzles As per IS – 9000 :
Water Spraying 8 Nozzles capable of spraying water in solid cone form to get precipitation rate of 2.5 mm / minute will be equipped in the chamber. Eight Water Spray Nozzles will be equipped in the Chamber out of which Four Nozzles at the top Four Corners at an angle of 45° and four Nozzles in the centre of each four sides.
Rain & Shower Nozzle As Per JIS D 0203
Shower through 40 holes and rain through two holes. Rotation of the Rain & Shower Nozzle is 17 rpm.
Interior Inspection Lamp :
An interior inspection light is fixed inside the interior chamber.
Revolving Table :
Revolving Table with geared motor with Clockwise & Anticlockwise rotation having diameter between 450 mm to 500 mm at the centre of the working space will be provided. Table will be capable of rotating around its vertical axis with a total weight of 50 kg.
Other Specifications :
Showers/Nozzles : 8 Nos (as per IS – 9000)
Pressure Gauges : 8 Nos (as per IS – 9000)
Rain & Shower Nozzle : 1 No. (as per JIS D 0203)
Inlet Main Pressure Gauges : 1 No.
Indicator : Elapsed Time Indicator
Power Supply : 220/415 Volt, AC, 50Hz
Other Features :
ü Door opening : From front side.
ü Precipitation Rate : Precipitation Rate of Water Spray will be 2.5 mm/min.
ü The Chamber will be capable of spraying water at any temperature between Ambient to 60°C.
Standard, Size, Chamber Material :
One cubic Meter – Inner Chamber Size : 1 mtr × 1 mtr × 1 mtr
Ref Standard : IS 9000 & JIS D 0203
Available Model
 2001 : Inner Chamber S.S 304 Grade Outer chamber made from M.S
 2002 : Inner Chamber S.S 304 Grade Outer chamber made from S.S
No. Standards Size Chamber Material
1. IS-9000 -1983 & JIS D 0203 1.0 Cubic Meter Interior : Stainless Steel
Exterior : Mild Steel
2. IS-9000 -1983 & JIS D 0203 1.0 Cubic Meter Interior : Stainless Steel
Exterior : Stainless Steel

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